Brave on Linux lost all passwords

Have been using dual booted win 7 and linux Mint XFCE 20.04 for a few weeks and imported bookmarks and passwords into Linux. Working as expected until switched back on today and discovered no passwords saved and had signed me out of all the accounts that normally it keeps open.

Win 7 install is still ok (writing on it now) and will open up Linux again to reinstall saved passwords.

Using latest browser which updates automatically.

Even though I had used it 2 hours earlier it asked me log in again to key chain when I opened the browser (which I thought I had solved) and I needed to use 2FA on my outlook account as it did not recognise the machine for some reason…

All bookmarks appear to be there and it still contains a few sites where I ask it never to save passwords.

Because I am new to Linux not sure where to look in the system settings for requisite files.

I have never had this in 3 years or so using Brave on Win 7 so I am a little peeved. Can anybody shed any light?

Ive had the same issue on a macbook running os10.13.6 was work perfectly untill the lastest update, now it will not save usernames or paswords and there is no user names or passwords in the auto fill settings

Fortunately mine is seemingly back to normal after I re-imported the passwords.
No issues on the same pc with win7 so have a feeling I caused it in some way with trying to cancel the key chain rather than just looging in to it straight away.

No idea on macs, sorry.

Seems to have fixed itself after a restart of the laptop , very strange.

Often the way with updates on stuff these days - reboot, sometimes more than once, and all is good in the world again… until next time…

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