Location Not Reported Correctly

Brave for desktop has recently started misreporting my location in spite of the fact that I have set my default location in Windows 10 Settings. This was not always the case. The behaviour is only fairly recent. About Brave tells me that my installation is up to date. This does not happen on my Android devices and Google Chrome reports my location correctly.

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Can you tell me where exactly it is reporting your location? What site(s)?

Any site that requires my location, such as Google Maps, Google Earth, flight tracking sites, such as ADSB Exchange and Flight Radar 24, car dealerships when searching for my nearest dealer, etc. I am in West Yorkshire, UK (Lon 53.675213, Lat -01.335771) and my location is being reported as Hampshire, UK (Lon 50.7782007, Lat -01.8997327)

Have you been able to make any progress with this problem? Today, Brave is reporting my position as close to Londonderry Airport in Northern Ireland in the middle of the River Foyle!!!

Since I have heard nothing from you, I assume that you been unable to resolve this issue. Today, Brave is reporting my location much nearer home, but still about three miles away! Because I use a lot of location based services, I must now seriously consider going back to using Chrome which continues to report my location accurately.

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