Brave browser gives wrong location on maps

I know this topic has been covered before but I wish to resurrect it.

When using Brave on my PC running Windows 10, my location is shown as 12km south of where I really am. This happens in Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Graphhopper and When I switch my browser to Firefox, Chrome or Edge, all the maps behave correctly.

However, I’m running Brave on my phone (Android 12) and tablet (Android 9) and there’s no problems with them.

Same issue here. The difference is that in my case, I am in a different continent. In located in Europe and it keeps showing me in Washington DC.

I’ll be damned, I think I’ve cracked it! All I did was clear the cache in Google Maps and click on the update button that appears to the left of the My Location button when you hover over the latter. The compass icon flashed a couple of times and since then it’s worked correctly.

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