Location Guard Extension not working on Brave , 4 days now

Hi Brave Team!

I am a loyal user and i am having problems with an extension that worked perfectly before. It’s been 5 days now that we can’t use LOCATION GUARD on brave. I contacted the location guard developer and he said its a problem with brave . As you can see in the attached image the map wont load and stays like this all the time . It worked perfectly before ,i’ve been using more then a year . Can you help ? Thanks.

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Load the map, fix bugg issue

1.Not working
2.Map not loading

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Clear all cache (and cookies related to the extension). Does the extension work normally with chrome/edge? Also, try the extension in a completely new test profile, do not add or change anything in the new profile.

If clearing cache does not help, then other users or official brave team might be able to help.

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I created a test profile and same thing. Also tried different pc , my friends also tried they’re using brave. Didnt work for them too. Location guard works on google chrome but not in Brave , i used it on brave for more then a year. It’s bugging now since 4 days the map wont load stays grey.

I haven’t used this extension before (or know how to use), under a clean browser profile. I guess it blocks or changes location data?

I installed the extension and tried on the links provided like ‘weather forecast’, ‘google map’ and ‘our demo map’. The maps load well and It works fine in laptop.
I have the latest Brave and have Windows 11 up to date.

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