Location not working (Windows 10)

When on google maps my location is reported incorrectly.
https://www.iplocation.net/find-ip-address reports me as being in Scotland when I’m in Essex!

I have the same problem. Works fine in all other browsers on the same marching, including IE, Edge, and Chrome. Only Braver is reporting an old location. I have tried steps from other threads, including clearing cookies and cache. Has anyone successfully solved this?

Is anything happening with this?

Seems like an obvious question, but can you confirm that you’re not using a VPN at this time?
Additionally, can you tell me what your Shield settings are set to for maps.google.com (check the Shields panel while on the site)?

No VPN - no difference if Shields are Up or Down.

@JimC @T1M,
Can you please report the results of the following:

  1. Do you get the same behavior if you’re using a fresh profile?
  2. Either way, when you go to maps and it gives the incorrect location, can you please open up the dev tools console and share a screenshot any output here? Menu --> More tools --> Developer tools --> [Console]

Here are the two screengrabs. Chrome is correct, Brave is not

Can you please try testing this with all of your extensions disabled and/or with a fresh profile as suggested earlier?

No change - here is a screenshot with new profile -

What does https://www.gps-coordinates.net/my-location show?

Makes no difference if Shields Up or Down and I’m not using a VPN

Google Maps say my location could not be determined.

“What does https://www.gps-coordinates.net/my-location show?”

My Dev tools console show this.

Can you try Brave beta via https://www.brave.com/beta I just tested in a clean Brave beta profile (and release). @T1M @JimC

Just downloaded Win64 bit - made no changes, no imports, no add-ins. Did not even specify the default browser. Went to map.google.com and the map pulled up in my area (80104 zip code) with NO my location dot. As soon as I hit the location finder button and allowed location access, got the same location error - which is in the 92078 area code where I lived until 2 months ago.

Thank you for testing and we will keep digging into this. However, I do notice that your Menu button is showing an Error message there – can you try going to Menu --> About Brave and see if the updater runs and/or what the error is?

I also tried the beta version and it made no difference.

I think I have resolved this issue - I noticed that Window Cortana was showing weather at the same location as Brave was listing. (my former address) - once I changed my location in my Microsoft Account, both now seem to actually use my location for data.

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Thank you for checking that. @T1M can you test and see if your system and/or “Cortana” are set accurately?