Location services still wrong on a Mac


I am running the latest Brave browser on MacOS and it is the only that is showing the highly incorrect location, based on my ISP (hundreds of kms away)
Every other browser - Chrome, Safari, Firefox is correctly reporting location from OS level location settings.
Looks like the issue has been reported, but not fixed several times in the past.
Is there an easy fix/hack where I can force a certain location, until this is properly fixed in the code?


What site are you using to detect your location? Are you just on Google maps or some other site/service?

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Anything google related - youtube, maps, google (weather).

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You wouldn’t happen to have any plugins installed?

i.e. https://github.com/chatziko/location-guard ?

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Yes, that was my next question – are you using any extensions at this time? Additionally, can you test and see if your location is accurate if you turn Shields off for the site?

I’m having the same issue with Brave (Version 1.23.71 Chromium: 90.0.4430.72 (Official Build) (x86_64)) on macOS 11.2.3

My location services (Google Maps, Uber etc) are putting my in the North of England when I live in London. My ISP is Three UK (5G Broadband).

Tried updating, clearing cache etc. My only extension is Google Translate (I need it for work).

It’s really frustrating, any advice would be helpful.

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In México, banks are required by law to know your device’s location to access online services. I can log in to my bank’s page from Chrome, but not from Brave. I checked the permissions, and the bank is allowed, as far as I can tell. Even if a window pops up asking for permission to get the location, and I click “allow,” it won’t work. Any ideas?

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