Locating the latest, stable zip/portable release

Brave 1.46.144

I raised this related question some time back

Brave portable version

I’m trying to figure out the easiest way to update to/locate the supported Brave zip/portable version. I kinda get the impression that, even tho it’s available, it’s use is discouraged.

Google search results only reveal an outdated portapps version.

The release channel pages either refers the user to the Brave download page with the latest .exe, or a link to the Github releases pages.

But I’m confounded by the fact that this link to the Github releases takes me the the latest “NIghtly”.

I had to excavate thru eight pages of releases to find the latest stable release, without having the slightest notion whether it even existed.

I wonder how many others, especially those with limited experience, would be as stubborn/determined enough to do something like that. My guess is most would have quickly given up and gone elsewhere for browser options.

I’m very pleased with Brave since I’ve been introduced to it and learning to use and configure it, but I wouldn’t it exactly classify it as user friendly in every aspect.

This frustrating experience with finding that latest stable release is particularly vexing because there is no update mechanism for updating the zip version other than to do it manually. There is no update notification, and no way to update internally.

I understand and accept that this is the price you pay to use it portably, but please give me a direct link to the latest stable version.

“Brave Stable builds are the only ones with release notes, so you know”

Well, I guess my response is, what good is that if I can’t find that zip version?

No, it’s not complicated, as long as a link is offered, but I searched the internet and the Brave website and couldn’t find one.

Can you direct me to where that link you posted is located for user access, and perhaps explain why it’s so hard to find?

This page, Release Channel 1.46.144

Offers this link to Brave Github repository 45

That’s the page I originally referred to, the one with the “NIghtly” version as the first item on the list, but you must manually scour the next eight pages to find the latest stable version.

What’s the justification for the “Release Channel 1.46.144” page posting a direct link to the latest “NIghtly” version, but not the latest stable version?

Sorry, please forgive me, but I just don’t get it?

As far as I am aware there is no official portable release.
If you find any links in Google, stay away from them. There are several scams out there.

You don’t really need the Portapps version. It’s just a bundled launcher that makes it so your user data is not stored in system files. You can make Brave portable work without that launcher through a custom shortcut (though I can’t remember the exact command line). Even if it’s an oudated Portapps version, you can update it using the Github archives.

If you want to see releases builds only, use https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/releases?q="release+v1"&expanded=true

Brave auto-update relies on a system task. The portable version can’t rely on that kind of things, making manual update the only option.

A long time ago this was addressed:

There’s also still an open Github on this over at https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/694

That said, to my understanding there’s no “official portable” version. You can always grab older files like was mentioned by @talgeeze. And then there’s the outdated ones that someone else did at https://github.com/portapps/brave-portable but it seems they haven’t touched it since September.

It’s called Search. So you know where you mention:

You notice on the top right, there’s a search? If you type in Release Notes then it will ONLY show you options for Release, because no other versions have Release Notes. This would put the LATEST version right on top for you.

ok,. so problem solved. Two options for easily finding the latest stable; do a search for “Release Notes” or just copy the talgeeze/emi shortcut. Thanks for that.

But just for the sake of conversation, if a couple simple steps had been taken, this whole discussion could and should have been avoided.

  1. What exactly is the aversion to placing a simple link, a shortcut that exists and that you guys are aware of, for the latest stable, from being provided on this website, particularly on pages like Release Channel 1.46.144?

  2. What is all this equivocating and confusion about “portable” versions? The Brave “official” (since it is being offered on their “official” Github page) zip version is a portable install, is it not? Seriously, are we really debating this?

If I’m not mistaken, all Chromium portable editions must be manually updated, which is and should be easy to do, if not for this manufactured complication of finding the latest version.

If you want to use apps like Brave, there’s gonna be a leaning curve. That requires some effort from the user, particularly if they’re not tech savvy. Is this the mission statement you are extending to prospective users?: “Beware, we make simplest chores difficult, on purpose”

Please accept this as constructive criticism. I’ve appreciated all the assistance I’ve received in this community. Just relating my experiences. We’re all her to help, right? Food for thought.

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