Need location of latest version and download site

Dear Brave community,

I wrote and maintain a program that goes out on the web looking for revision changes of the 60 or so programs I support. If a new revision, it downloads it. I carry this stuff around with me on a write protect flash drive to customer sites. Some have poor Internet, so full versions, not stub versions, are highly appreciated. I would like to add Brave Browser to the list.


  1. where is the current released (not nightly , beta, dev, etc.) version number posted on the web?

  2. where are the full (not stub) installers found?

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Here’s the answer to your first question:

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Hi Treego14,

You actually solved both parts of my question for me! This is from my comment section of my program:

sub GetBrave64() {
       This will give you the latest stable release (version):
            <h3 id="release-notes-v13187-oct-19-2021">Release Notes <strong>V1.31.87</strong> (Oct 19, 2021)</h3>
            "Release Notes <strong>" is the first instance of the phrase

       And the download site would then be:

Thank you!!!

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