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I’m relatively new to Brave. I’m here out of curiosity regarding a portable version of Brave.

I searched and only found one, at I know they are not affiliated with Brave, and it hasn’t been updated since January.

Since I use Softpedia regularly I then checked there. I found their Brave Browser download page Softpedia.

Normally on Softpedia if their is a portable version of a product available, it will be listed as such, but not there.

However, scrolling down the to file name, it is listed as Sure enough, it is a portable version of the latest Brave release. The link to the developer on the page is Brave Software Inc

So is this legitimate, endorsed portable version of Brave? If so, why isn’t it promoted and offered on this website, to people like me who would always prefer to go portable whenever possible, and might decide against using the product if it must be installed?

Forgive me, and please correct me if I’ve been misled.



I was just looking into the same topic. It would be great to find a quality answer.

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Looking for a portable version too.

If does not have the latest version, you can manually update it by going to, selecting the appropriate Release version, downloading the correct archive (should be something like and then copying the version folder from that archive to your portable install.

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Hi talgeeze,

Thanks for responding. So we can assume this is Bravo approved? If so, here’s the latest download Portapps - Brave™ portable

There are 2 options; a portable installer, or a zip file.

I just tried the installer to see how it completed the process. Their download page does not offer any detailed installation instructions. I wouldn’t want my current Brave profile wiped out. After the upgrade install, my previous tab session was still there, so If the user already has a previous version, it looks like the installer will not alter the current profile, but check for yourself.

The link you offered was for “nightly” versions.

Here is the latest stable release page download options Release v1.38.111 (Chromium 101.0.4951.54) · brave/brave-browser · GitHub. My choice was

Both options give you the same files, the only difference being the installer auto-extracts files

Scroll down, maybe go back a few pages, and you’ll find Release versions.

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