Localisation imperfections

I just installed the browser (first day of use! hi! now take a bug report to the knee! :-p) and discovered a few issues with localisations to my language in the settings module:
Brave översättningsfel 1
(“Titta och känna” should probably be something closer to “Utseende” or “Beteende”.)

(“Hjälpdricks” is plain bad. Not having seen the original text, I would recommend “Hjälpverktyg” based on apparent context.)

Hey there, fellow Swede!

I have also noticed a few instances of weird wording in the Swedish translation. Is it machine translated, or is there a human behind it?

I’ve seen machine translations. (… Sony’s Music Center for their
Android-powered Walkman? Just terrible!) Brave’s localisation work is at
least several leagues better than that. Must’ve been a person who just
didn’t pay attention to context at the time. I’ve goofed up like that
myself on occasion…