Translating Brave


Hi, I come from sweden and I saw that there isn´t any translation to swedish :sweat_smile: So I wondered if there is an easy way to help translate it because I wanted to migrate my grandfather to using brave but he is really bad at english :wink:


Hi @Jacalz,

If you interest to localize Brave to your language, please go to:

  • Create an account if you’re not have one,
  • Then search for Swedish project language. If there’s an Swedish project, you can start to translate it (I see a sv_SE is already there). Or if not, you can request it.

Thank you,
:slight_smile: :lion_face:


I have started Translated :wink: Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:


I have now helped translate the Swedish project from 8% done to 45% done and thats all me :blush:


That is fantastic! Thanks for the contributions.