Amending Finnish language localization and joining the team


The current Finnish localization as of version 1.18.78 is, in places, quite poor. I thought to go and help fix some of the mistakes, but Finnish doesn’t show up as a team I can join on Transifex, though I see Finnish in the list of already finished languages. I found an earlier thread in which it is suggested to go directly to the team’s URL, but that link returns a 404. Would it be possible for someone to open the Finnish language team up for join requests?


Finnish is here:

Yup, it sure is. That’s what I’m talking about in my earlier post, when I said Finnish is there in the list of finished languages, but doesn’t show up as a team I can join.

This is great Chaffee! There is so clumsy translation in the main screen that I wonder if it has been Google-translated… I just heard of it today from my friend and I was shocked!

In English:
364,718 (Trackers & ads blocked)
3.25 GB (Bandwidth saved)
5.1 hours (Time saved)

In Finnish (at this moment):
364 718 (Seuraimet & mainokset estetty)
3.25 Iso-Britannia (Kaistanleveys tallennettu)
5.1 tuntia (Säästetty aika)

In Finnish (one proposal for the quick fix):
364 718 (Seurainta & mainosta estetty)
3.25 GT (Säästöä tiedonsiirrossa)
5.1 tuntia (Säästöä ajassa)

I’m about 100 % sure that at least some of those strings were machine translated. I was added to the Finnish translation team a little bit ago, and I’ve already gone over what I thought were the most egregious mistakes. I imagine the updated translations will be included in a browser update at some point.

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