Hungarian translation review


I would like to fix the Hungarian translation of Brave. I saw here that there are others who can see this problem.
Because of that I would like to ask Reviewer permission, to nobody can reverse what I already fixed.
I tried to contact with Viking KARWUR regarding this without success on the translation platform. As far as I saw he is the Coordinator.

I started to check the Hungarian translation anyway, and the main problems with it:

  • Translation YOU is inconsistent (In Hungarian there are 2 kinds of “you”, like in German for example. Like I talk to a friend, or I talk to a stranger/boss. Windows and Chrome use the second version.)
  • Some expression sometimes translated, sometimes not in different sentences.
  • Some words translated with different Hungarian word(s) for no reason.
  • It seems some (all?!) translation made by Machine translation, which it anything but not good

Thank you.

PS: As a reference, I am translating Vivaldi Browser too since the beginning.

Have they reply to you?

Because I have found some mistakes in the Greek translation of the Google Play description.

  • Saves data and battery
    Greek translation
    • (Αποθηκεύει) δεδομένα & μπαταρία
    (Save) an image
    which is very wrong

You probably mean
Use less data and battery
It saves on data and battery

The correct translation
• Εξοικονομεί δεδομένα & μπαταρία


Please leave us a 5 star review!
(Αφήστε μας) μια κριτική 5 αστέρων!
In Greek, we don’t say
leave us a review

Αν σας αρέσει η εφαρμογή μας,
παρακαλώ αξιολογήστε την με 5 αστεράκια
και γράψτε, επίσης, και μια καλή κριτική

Nope. No reply/response/reaction/reply anything here or on Transifex. But I leave it. If they do not care if some of the translation is a garbage, I cannot do more.

In that case,
I will leave it, too.

Like you said,
If they, themselves, don’t care, what can we do?

And, also, thank you for replying

I am not speaking English,
but may be you mean

which (it) anything but (not) good
which is anything else but good

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