Linux vs windows

i dont now how to set titils so lets start i install brave browser on windows 10 before like one month i and registret for BAT but no ads or nothing i installad on linux min 19.1 xfc and after servel days i get ads and 10 BATS how why is not same on windows and linux i mean i is not so imporatan for me that i cant withdraw so only what will and can do is support some great youtube channels begginers on linux i much faster browser also but i think that becuse windows i full trash like backgroaund programs i use same settings on linux and windows what Concerning brave browser and i must say i loved this browser is fast and secure just one thing i dont now is this good palce to post but will be good when you will change what cookies will approve and what you want block becuse on some site dont work well without some cookies so must completily turn off bloker cookies for that site other i dont have word great job

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