Linux users "AGAIN" have a BROKEN Brave INSTALL?

I LOVE the Brave browser! I am amazed Brave has so little appreciation for the “Open Source Community” seeing as it WE are likely Brave’s most ardent supporters. I for one have installed, configured and literally PUSHED the Brave browser since the beginning. At least 70% of my repairs are Dual Boot. I look forward to the day when the masses in the US become enlightened & M.M.I. (Microsoft Malware Inc.) is exposed for the evil doers they are! WHY IN GODS NAME IS BRAVE NOT IN THE MAIN REPOSITORIES OF DEBIAN, UBUNTU & MINT, ETC??? Isn’t Brave & the Linux community not in sync??? Someone needs to do an accurate count of WinBlows user, Apple Cult members & compare with WORLD TOTAL OPEN SOURCE &/OR FREEDOM SEEKING USERS! Please invest a bit more so we can at least have a decent install procedure that remains reliable. Why does is “REFERRAL PROGRAM” not available to Linux users??? Enough of my rant! I wish Brave appreciated us - just a little bit. At the very least- show some respect. BTW - I have NEVER TAKEN ONE BRAVE REWARD, or BAT! NOT ONE!!! First repair in MANY years being delivered tomorrow WITHOUT BRAVE. BREAKS MY HEART.

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