Brave Browser on Linux OS

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I’m planning to transfer from Windows OS to Linux OS (Version 2020 1a) but I want to ask first if it’s running there without any problem? And if there’s some common problem you encountered kindly tell me so I will watch and read about it first before installing the Linux OS. Thank you and GOD bless everyone.

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Brave worked just fine for me in Linux Mint 19.x until recently when Autofill for passwords quit working and no one here knows how to get it working again.

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I’ve been using Brave on Linux (Pop!-OS) since November and the only problem i experience is that sometimes my laptop freezes for some seconds if a complex page is loading.

In future, it might help people to help you if you specify exactly which distro of Linux you’re using as “Linux OS (Version 2020 1a)” doesn’t mean anything to me and some flavours of Linux are quite different to others.

Good luck!

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Thank you for the informations. Anyway why don’t you try the reset settings on the browser setting?

I was just thinking because there’s different version of Linux OS like in windows and some of those version might not compatible on brave browser. Anywy thank you for the informations.

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