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Thought I had made this suggestion but I couldn’t find, it maybe I didn’t complete it?

Any how what I was suggesting was links similar to the ones in Opera Browser… I kind of like the shortcuts being in the browse rather than all over my desktop…

What say you?



Can you be a bit more specific? Are you referring to bookmarks used to open websites quickly?
Or perhaps “tiles” that show up on your new tab page?

Hi Mattches…

  Well I'm not sure the distinctions you have made, really cover

what I have in mind, but both Linux and Windows support desktop
links (as an icon) that allow you to save an ip address (url) and
when you click on it, it opens the default browser and goes to
that address.

  What I'm suggesting (actually currently supported by some

browsers, Opera and Chrome examples)is more like the tiles you
have marked in the image you sent… These “pinned tabs” are not
the most efficient (resource wise) way to do it and usually end
up slowing down the start time for the browser and thus limits
the number of them that it makes sense to create. The links I’m
suggesting only requires storage for an Icon, and the url and the
linking mechanism.

  I'm sure you guys know more about the feasibility and general

interest in this feature than I do, I can’t imagine anyone
thinking this is a bad idea, but you guys have a great browser
never-the-less, and I hope you will continue with its support and



Hi BIll,

Thank you again for reaching out. Can you try walking through the following steps, I want to see if this helps to achieve what you’re trying to do:

  1. Go to the URL that you’d like to save.
  2. Click the 3 lined hamburger menu in the top right corner

  1. Select ‘More Tools’ in the pop up menu
  2. Select ‘Create Shortcut’.
  3. Input the title, click ‘Open New Window’ and select ‘Create’
  4. Drag the icon to your desktop

Let me know if this achieves what you’re wanting to do!

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Hi Steevan…

  No, what I am suggesting is a feature that supports an

arrangement of similar shortcuts on the start page of the
browser itself, that can be added to or deleted or edited or
arranged and even determine how many of them may occupy that
space… You really should try the Opera Browser to see what I am
talking about, they call it “Speed Dial”. I do not generally
recommend the Opera Browser due to other issues that results in a
personal preference for the Brave Browser. My initial intent was
to suggest a feature that is (on its own) a very useful one that
keeps one from cluttering his/her desktop with shortcuts. There
are, of course, ways to create short cuts on ones own
desktop…not the objective of the suggestion…