Bookmark icon next to reload/home icons

Hello! Great browser so far. Digging it. :slight_smile:

One thing that annoys me though is the lack of a quick bookmark icon to open our bookmarks instantly. Activating the bookmark toolbar and have tabs sitting up there like we have now isnt very nice looking and a bit cluttering of a nice looking browser otherwise. However next to the reload icon and the home icon (next to the address bar) it would be great with a small star icon for opening our bookmark list. When clicking it you could get a window up on the side of the screen just like IE/Google (yuck) favorites does or just right next to where the mouse is. So click the little star icon and your bookmarks list shows up in a window from top to bottom of the screen (if you have lots of bookmarks).

Right now we either have to click the “menu” and then go to “bookmarks” and then the bookmarked page or we have to have the bookmark toolbar up which i dont like the look of. It takes up space and look untidy. The reload and home icons next to the address bar however looks tidy and modern so another small star icon next to the reload button would be super stylish and highly functional since you would get the bookmarks up instantly without cluttering the browser window and without having to click several times to get where you need to go. Could we have it, please with sugar on top?

Keep up the great work, BRAVE devs! :wink:

Hi, do you mean the icon like this?

Bookmark Button?

Hi! No i meant an even smarter way. Like IE has it. I made a crude image showing what i mean. The same star icon you have that is “empty” for adding a bookmark, you add another one of those that are “filled” next to the other 2 icons you have at the top, and when you click it you get a bookmark list up. If you have a lot of bookmarks then you just move your mouse at the bottom and it will run automatically downwards. Same with up again. Tiny graphical arrow heads enough to indicate there is more below and above. At the top of this bookmark list you can have “Add Folder” so that we can add folders quickly without going into menus etc. This would be the cleanest look and fastest.

Thank you for a greatbrowser! Now make it greater. ;)[brave_smartBookmarkIcon.jpg]

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