Links Not Functioning

I’ve noticed that I frequently have to switch to other browsers when Brave somehow mishandles links in websites.

This has happened on a number of U.S Govt websites, and today is an issue with links for Twitter/X.

For instance, this link: operates as expected in Chrome, Edge and when using Brave on iOS.

In Brave for Windows: X responds with “Something went wrong. Try reloading.”

In sessions with govt and other websites, the links simply don’t respond, breaking the ability it submit forms or progress through sites. In every case, switching to any other browser rectified the issue.

I’ve provided a link above that reliably demonstrates the issue.

Sorry to report this – it’s mystifying that such a basic function could be erratic.

…fails to open using Brave…

…identical link opens correctly in Edge…

@Virage I just tried from iOS and Windows, both of them show the same thing, which is that the post you linked to has been deleted.

From iOS: which actually opened my Twitter/X app by default, but still…

From Desktop (top shows page doesn’t exist, but then the bottom shows it was deleted):

Could it be that you had already visited that from within Edge and it was cached? Do you experience this with anything else in particular? Big thing here is trying to replicate.

I get a different error when logged in vs not logged in. But yeah the tweet has been removed

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