Limit of connected devices

When syncing my Uphold wallet with Brave Rewars I get a message that I have reached the limit of connected devices. This is the only device I use Brave on, although I have had to install it several times due to computer formatting. Is there any way to fix this problem? I use Brave mostly because of the BATs, so if there is no solution I will not continue to use Brave.

Thanks in advance.

unfortunately there is a limit of 4 wallets verified per Uphold account, and aparently you burned them already since every time you formated your pc every instalation of brave /profiles wallet have his own payment id.

if you are not patient enough to wait for another crypto wallet(I think is gemini or binance, not sure) to be added then this is a good bye, I guess :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to regain the wallet allotments from the old Brave Rewards accounts, but the Brave team is working on a solution. In addition, they are working on additional wallet options (Gemini should be available soon).

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