Let us use any extension we want

I don’t know why this isn’t already a feature. But let us use “restricted” extensions you can disable them at first but give us a way to enable them without having to contact people we cannot. I use your browser and watch YOUR ad’s so at least let me do what I want on it. I don’t need someone to baby me around I know what is safe and what isn’t.

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What extension did you have in mind? I can sideload my own custom extension no problem.

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It’s called GoogleGIF Brave says I cannot use it because it’s not on the Brave or Chrome webstore and may be “Unsafe”

Is it still listed in the webstore? I can’t find it.

If it was delisted, it could be actually malicious.

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From this article, I can see a link to the webstore : https://lifehacker.com/googlegifs-extension-animates-gifs-on-google-image-sear-1734457704

However, when following the link, it is 404 : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/googlegifs/ommpbgoliokoijimalcokhciffhapkdf

It would appear as though it has been delisted by Google.

I know it isn’t unsafe It has been featured before many times all it does is make Gifs when you search them “activate” and move. All I want is the option to tell Brave to not baby me around and disable custom extensions with no way of turning them on. I packed it from a github. I want to make the decision if it’s safe or not, not have Brave tell me I have no way of using it.

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Brave is not responsible for the Google Webstore listing.

If you want to sideload your own extensions, go to brave://extensions/ and use the developer mode function to load it.

From your screenshot, it appears as though all you need to do is to click on the ‘Off’ toggle to enable it. Is that not working?

You don’t seem to understand I can’t it is not possible because brave doesn’t allow you to use extensions if they are not on the chromestore I think this needs to be changed. I packed it and brave will not allow me to turn it on

I think there will be more feature coming .Just stay brave …

@NovaPvP if you see my post from 15 hours ago, I am capable of packing and loading my own extension, so I am certain that Brave does not block on that specifically. My ‘Minus Extension’ is not listed in the Webstore and is not even on Github, it’s just local code.

I can see the warning Brave gave you in the UI, but I am asking if you click on the ‘Off’ toggle on the right hand side, what happens?

Nothing the slider is unclickable if I go to “Learn more” it states the only way I can use these “restricted” extensions is by asking the extension creator to upload it to the chrome webstore again.

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