Kill Google's nannying in every place

I like Brave for being quick and mostly convenient. By “convenient,” however, I do not mean that Google will tell me what to watch, what to download and which extensions to use. That company’s ideas of safety are as interesting to me as the length of noses of the statues on the Easter Island. If Brave is about using the internet without a concerned mommy, you, developers, need to insert an option to disable all of its controls. The argument that someone might make malware to tamper with my system or the Internet does not fly. It is exactly like saying that everyone needs to go around handcuffed because someone might decide to pull out a knife.

One place to start is Google’s extension verification. Find a way to kill it. What I’m having trouble with at the moment is Its Majesty gracious decision, made a couple of years ago, to not only discontinue making content for Adobe Flash, but to block old websites with it from ever being browsable again. Adobe even ruined its own plugin downloads to prevent Flash from working in the last days. Much obliged, your lordships, and please inform me when you decide to outlaw paper books because they do not match your ideas of perfect coding or are not “secure” enough. As it happens, there is an extension out there meant to emulate Flash - the Flash Emulator, but it doesn’t help, because the Google-made chassis of Brave continues to control the list of extensions. Flash isn’t even on it, yet the videos are still blocked. Google has got its hand in the guts of the program and rummages there freely.

If I can’t access the content I want, what do I need this browser for?