Override force disable of custom extension

Hi Brave team,

Great work on the browser, I love it! I’ve just got one request.
There is this extension that I use, and after an update of a program it communicates with it contained a bug. That bug is been fixed, but Google is expected to be taking 2-4 weeks to approve the changes. While the only change made in the code is is changed to localhost:port on several occasions. (I’ve checked this)
So I took the fixed code from github so I could install the .crx file myself locally. For chrome this works, however, Brave is being over protective. It disables the extension stating it is not found in the brave or chrome store, and that it might be added without my knowledge and therefore disabled. I know it’s been added, I’ve invested time in doing that. While I absolutely love the protection, and do applaud overagressive pop ups on the matter, entirely disabling an custom addon without any option to override is too restrictive. The addon isn’t added without my knowledge, I want it there and I want to force enable it.
Is there a way to force enable the addon?