Give user the option to enable extensions installed manually outside chrome store


After reading this:
Simple question:
Is this my browser or your browser? Because I’m willing to take the risk.
And if you guys think users don’t have the right to do so, maybe all you need are babies, not users.



I believe almost all users here have a history with chrome, here is my path:
Find chrome—like chrome—hate/dislike chrome—know chromium—search for alternative chromium version—find brave.

The reason people don’t want to use chrome, despite the fact that chrome is the most optimized and convenient chromium version for daily use, is that we don’t want a big brother over our shoulders.

That involves 2 core values: privacy and control. You may set up 100 big dangerous alerts before letting users enable some functions that have “potential risk”, but to the end it’s NOT YOUR RIGHT to make such decision for users.
Even chrome allows such action made by users with alert.



Did you have an actual issue you’d like help/assistance with?



I believe I’m using modern English, so just let me say again:
I’m asking for support with this ACTUAL ISSUE:

Give user the option to enable extensions installed manually outside chrome store.

And based on your question, what is an actual issue? The whole situation is not just imagination in my head, it’s real and actual to any user. Because I’m not asking for a fancy new feature, it’s an existing feature banned by Brave. I just want it back or at least to know what you guys are thinking regarding to this.

If you think this is not qualified as ACTUAL ISSUE, and not even want to talk about it, then I don’t have anything else to say.



Both this statement and the title of your post were statements/requests/demands - nothing was actually asked. The only question in this thread by you was

Answer: Why not both?
And then:

Not a question mark in sight nor are there signs that you need assistance. This is why I asked if you had an actual issue you needed help with as opposed to wanting to rant. Additionally, you didn’t follow the posting guidelines, provide any relevant data or outline any steps or attempts you’ve tried thus far.

Answering your “question”: To sideload Extensions for use in Brave, navigate to Settings --> Extensions and toggle the Developer Mode option on the top-right “on”

Use the Load unpacked option to sideload the desired extension.



So a request or a demand is not qualified for a question? Just because I didn’t add “Would you please”?

So you think when someone complains about something, they do not mean to ask the solution, just complain for fun?

Quote from the tips showed when I opened this topic:

Please try to adhere to this template when reporting bugs. If you think you don’t need to fill out every section in the template fill out as much of it as you can and please be as descriptive as possible when posting. Thank you!
<---------Delete this line and everything above before posting---------->

And I think this topic does not involve system version, brave version, etc. Because the post I read about this is public for everyone:
So I think it has nothing to do with my own system. It’s a global set up for every user. And this is not some random situation, everyone with brave can re-produce the same problem.

And if this was introduced in the post I read before we will both save trouble. The reason I didn’t try this is that this article shows just in the section that I tried to enable the extension:

When I click the “Learn more”, it never mentioned your solution:

That’s why I opened this topic. And all the way down to the last post, the only thing you care seems to be not seeing “?” in my post.
So, no “?”, no answer. OK, get it. Just pretending I’m communicate with an AI from 1990s.



If someone in your household were to look at you and say

“There should be more cereal in this house.”

Did they request or ask you to go out and buy cereal?

We have a Feedback section, so it’s reasonable to think that you may have intended to post this there, where statements and wishes roam free over questions and support.

Yes. Precisely. Otherwise, you’re making statements, which will generally be taken as feedback rather than a support “request”.
For future reference, you might try something like one of the following examples:

  • Is there a way to enable extensions installed outside the webstore?
  • Can extensions be installed from a source other than the webstore?
  • How can I install stand-alone extensions in Brave?
  • Is there documentation for how to install extensions outside of the webstore?

Since your…question…has been addressed, feel free to open a new topic or message me directly should you require any further assistance.



Last post. I’ll never bother your precious time ever.

Yes, but only if I told them “you can ask for it”. In this case I couldn’t find the range and limit for such demand, so I just gave a try.

For the Feedback section, I think it’s true that my topic should fits there.

Just some screen shots, you can count yourself how many posts don’t qualified as your “question”.



Please try to be as descriptive as possible next time you have a support request and provide any relevant details surrounding the issue you’re encountering.

Thank you.


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