How do I withdraw my BATs?


Uphold discriminates users from the Philippines and Gemini seems uninterested to verify new accounts.

Is there another wallet I can transfer my BATs to?


At this time there is not – although we do have Gemini user wallets in the works. I would check Gemini’s officially supported regions and see if yours is included. If so, you will be able to withdraw your funds when the feature is released.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

So all my work clicking and viewing your ads turns out to be worthless?

Why are these not disclosed in the beginning?

We have plenty of documentation explaining why KYC/Uphold verification are necessary at this time:

A list of supported regions/running campaigns can be found both on and

We highly recommend reading through the documentation if something is unclear, as we have answers for most users questions – including or Ads FAQ, which informs you that clicking on each individual ad is not necessary:

Why are you avoiding my question?

Dropping all these useless links right now doesn’t answer my question.

With all the tech you have, you could have easily inserted a code in the browser that detects my location and inform me of all these IMPORTANT info.

Can you please explain why Brave Browser doesn’t consider this important? Do you guys just want clicks from Philippine users and then restrict us from really using our hard earned BAT tokens?

Uphold historically has supported the Philippines. However, their country support can change over time (not just for PH). Please note that Brave Rewards works and functions without the need to connect to Uphold or KYC’ing.

KYC’ing is optional, and we allow users to keep using Brave Rewards so that when a wallet provider becomes available for their region, they’ll be able to use that functionality.

For example, Uphold cannot operate in New York state, but we still allow users in NY to use Brave Rewards. Now that Gemini is on the way, New York users who’ve been using Brave all this time will now have a way of withdrawing. Support for PH may re-open on Uphold (it would be good to contact to Uphold), and/or one of our other future wallet providers may support PH.

We again apologize for the inconvenience.

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