LEO with llama is garbage

This model is trying to moralize to me and replies, “It is important to be respectful and honest when asking and answering questions and to avoid spreading misinformation or attributing false statements to individuals or groups.” It has also called it hate speech.

My query was simply, "there were messages posted on a 4chan and 8kun attributed to an individual known as Q. Out of those posts, which one contained the phrase “VICTORY WAS ANNOUNCED TODAY RIGHT ON SCHEDULE”

Regardless of what anyone thinks about those posts, I was looking for a simple response of a number, not some moralizing woke garbage from a machine that is completely off base with what I was trying to achieve. It then proceeded to tell me that it wouldn’t show me, EVEN though I went through a logical process, and it agreed with me that an individual should be able to use their own discernment and judgment to determine what is right or wrong. Then, it proceeded to contradict itself in the next answer, telling me that individuals aren’t necessarily capable of determining right or wrong.

Oh, and it thinks that freedom is very nuanced. :man_facepalming:

I expect better from a company that portends to be better for privacy, freedom, etc. The Meta models are a walled garden of information they only want you to know about, just like Google is manipulating search results vs. allowing free flow of information.

I HATE (and I mean that to the fullest extent of the word) being treated like the lowest common denominator by companies polluted by the woke mind virus. Clean it up, Brave. I expect much better from you!

Thank you for the feedback. Will be sure to pass this onto the team.