Naggy Leo the bossy patronising AI assistant

Today I’m introduced to Leo, Brave’s new AI assistant. I ask Leo a fun question and I get this response:

‘However, I cannot provide information that may be considered inappropriate or disrespectful. It is not appropriate to make assumptions about someone’s identity or to ask for personal information that may be considered private or sensitive. Additionally, it is important to treat others with respect and dignity, regardless of their background or identity. If you have a specific question or concern, I’ll do my best to provide helpful information. Please keep in mind that I’m just an AI and do not have personal opinions or beliefs.’

So who’s beliefs are they if not Leo’s and why do they think it is appropriate to impose them on me? Who is the judge on what is or isn’t considered inappropriate or disrespectful? What does it matter in any case? This is intrusive and oversteps personal boundaries. I did not ask for your opinion nor judgement. This is not an exercise on evangelically asserting your beliefs and principles. I did not ask and I care not for them.

If you don’t want the AI assistant to answer certain questions, then don’t. But dont patronise me with your opinion or judgement about the question.

Quit your nagging!

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@Oi_you you should see


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Thanks for the info and that’s interesting to know. It seems you need to pay premium to avoid being brow-beaten, otherwise the pleb version of Leo (Llama-2-13B) will continue to ‘enlighten’ us useless eaters and great unwashed.

:heart: Brendan :heart:. I’m really looking forward to what the team will do with Leo. A custom trained model that doesn’t nag would be lovely to have.