Leo political correctness

If there is a llama-derived model that has the “safety” stuff trained back out of it, so it answers without the political correctness, please make this available to people.

You can read more about it in lastest Blog entries about the roadmap with Leo https://brave.com/leo-roadmap/

But yeah, I wouldn’t expect much from AI, especially Llama which is made by Meta.
Big Tech is Big tech, and just like you can’t find much in Google or Bing, and you have to use Yandex to find less biased information, they are obviously programming and controlling the information… in fact, this Leo, answers exactly like I would expect from some ignorant person who doesn’t use common sense or critical thinking or just mathematics to say if something is or not.

I mean, sometimes when you summarize articles, it will complain how it is not ‘a good article’ to summarize, and then it says like “I won’t answer questions that can be harmful blablabla”… like… what’s the point? nobody is reading the thing, I just want a summarization not ‘opinions’.

But AI in general is terrible, besides being non intelligent at all, LEO is frustrating, like, it contradicts itself, it writes like 5 paragraphs explaining how what I say or my opinion “is wrong”, like if it was a real person and knew the world and could see and know the world as a human would, so yeah, it only will answer the same BS that will answer any Big Tech or Wikipedia or controlled agendas and information.

Of of course, some people even relay on the AI to get information and to learn anything, and it is their fault if they do that knowing how Big Tech controls everything, like an ‘internet kingdom’.
Another lame accomplishment about AI is how it generates images and artwork and code and all that, but we know they are stealing the work from other people, especially art, and it will make people even more lazy, because they will use it, pretend to be ‘working’ and many clients won’t know about it.
Art is an escape and it is awesome, but seems like dumb people with technology are even corrupting that, even more than ‘port-modernism’ already has done, at least they did something, but now people pushing a button and getting ‘stuff done’… well, it’s terrible.