You should seriously stop showing pride month ads due to recent developments

I noticed you were serving up pride month advertisements, and considering certain revelations on it’s ideological origins such as how the creator of the flag coming out as regressive, and how the regressive leftist degenerates ruined gay pride by shoving their ideology into it, I think it’s a good idea to stop serving these ads.


I agree fully. I’m sick and tired of this nonsense being everywhere. It’s not about tolerance, it’s about making others bend the knee. I’m actually very disappointed in Brave for pandering like this.


Please share these revelations. Your post reads like an angry old yt man. Seriously its 2022

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Sounds like you don’t like white people, groomer.


"The cause of the mental health crisis is the lack of mental institutions, and rampant extremism and cultural issues caused by the regressive left.

More institutions and less regressives mean no mental health crisis."

“My preferred term for that specific breed of regressive leftist freak is “Gender Identity Extremist”.”

Just a few of AbleistSL comments on reddit.

Mods do you accept this hate speech?

You both are absolutely trash.


Everything he said is absolutely true. Radical ideologue extremists removed all healthy institutions and replaced it with the rainbow vomit. No wonder kids are so much more confused and hate life.

“Everything I don’t like is hate speech!!”

Cope harder


Said the man who obviously fits the bill for any number of isms. Your do realize youre the radical. You are just like the terrorists you claim to hate. Yt extremists are a cancer in our society.


Oh, so I don’t want to sexualize children, chop off their parts before puberty and go back to a time when mental health was MORE stable, and I’m the extemist? No sir, you are the extremist. Oh call white people cancer, just proves you’re a racist. You are your own isms.


Lmao dude get over yourself. Circumcision is practiced around the world and parents can make the choice not to do so. You have been the only one bringing up children, whos the “groomer” ?

Reading comprehension shows that my exact words were “yt extremists” not yt ppl but sure. White Nationalist, Supremacist, KKK, trash is who im referring to, people you know well i assume.

you people continue to think you are some kind of becon of truth but in reality you are an extremist. You are cancer, society is better off without you.

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Lol circumsicion? That’s your best? Way to deflect. You’ve got nothing. It’s people like you who plaster the rainbow vomit all over the place and use terms like lgbt youth. Your just a groomer lol.

And to you everyone is a white extremist. “Omg he disagrees!! White nationalist!!” And why do you assume im a white nationalist? You’re the one who mentioned race first. You tryna gaslight, but you’re not very good at it.

And yeah, what I say is true. You people are so fragile.

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I found your twitter @thetexasviking5

Everyone of your posts is hate. You’re the example here.

Do you have a school to go shoot up, or a klans meeting to attend? Your veiws directly align with those of White Nationalist, White Supremacists and the KKK. Not to menton all the other fringe hate groups. You keep mentioning kids, we should put you on a watch list cause you damn sure dont have any kids but seem to be absolutely obsessed with them.

Wow, you know what mass shooters do? They stalk people online, which there are two known instances of you doing.

The only thing I’m guilty of is not hating white people like you. To fragile people like you, not hating or blaming white people for all problems is akin to white supremacy.

Also, I do have kids, plenty. Which is why I want to protect them from groomers like you who want to be alone in a room with them. Typical leftists extremist: blame the normal person for what you’re doing. Not gonna work, groomer stalker.


You’re projecting again bud. Plenty of them eh? Sounds like your hands are full over there.

A majority of sensable adults in the world disagree with your opinions and projections.

How fragile, complaining about ads. Waaaa the gays. You’ll always be wrong but you never admit it.

Have a good one :+1:

Maybe you shouldn’t stalk people online and get caught in the act? Doesn’t seem like projection to me. I mean, you’re the one who couldn’t handle an opinion you didn’t like in the first place.

And I’m also not the one who got triggered. I voiced an opinion that gets suppressed by loud, extremist clowns like you because you’re afraid of people hearing the truth.

Anyway, Have a wonderful day. :+1:t2:

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Your online persona is public, nothing you can do. Dont want others exposing you for being an actual racist, and a potential pedophile?

Dont post your opinions. You are absolutely traaaaaaash :toilet:

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Oh I thought you were leaving. I guess you’re too triggered.

But check out the groomer, calling people pedo’s lol. Go back to your transition closet.

Aaand no, don’t think I’ll stop. My opinions are not as trash as you, bigot.

Now leave the serious problems to the adults.

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“Only express the opinions I want you to express or I’ll get the mods to cancel you!”


Conversation has devolved into name calling and rhetoric not directly related to Brave.