Leo going black screen

description of the issue:
when i try to open leo there is just a black screen

how can this issu be reproduced?

1 ) by using leo in the searchbar
2 )by going to the leo tab in options


when i do the above steps i just see a black screen

expected result:

leo interface or leo giving me the answer to the question



Operating System - android 10
brave version - Brave 1.64.109, Chromium 123.0.6312.58

Can you please share a screenshot of the black screen as it appears on your end? Can you also confirm what model of Android phone you’re using? Additionally, can you try going to Settings --> Leo --> Reset and clear Leo data and check to see if this makes any difference?

Thank you

sure here a is recording of the issue

as you said to reset and clear leo data the issue is “still there”
android version - 10 QKQ1.190910.002
and if you are thinking that this is because of my slow device , it was just taking more time because of the screen recording (just to be clear)

Thank you for the recording, super helpful.

Do you have scripts blocked globally on your device? Because it looks a lot like this issue:

yeah i do , does that mean that i have to enable scripts on a website when i want to access leo or i have to disable the disable script option
sorry for this silly thread i should have checked about this on my own

I believe that the issue is specifically the global setting that causes the issue so unfortunately you’ll need to disable the setting in Settings --> Brave Shields & Privacy.

That said, you can disable scripts on a per-site basis from the Shields panel in the address bar once you’ve landed on the site.

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thanks for the time you invested in this thread

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