Latest working version for win7

i have an old laptop with win 7 x64 (i’ve also have other 2 laptop with w10 and 11)
my last working version is brave beta v1.48.152 (Chromium 109.0.5414.119)

today i’ve try to update to latest beta v1.50.xx but nothing work …

so, what is latest version available for win7?

that was the last stable compatible with Win7, but why don’t you just upgrade to Win10, it is still free to upgrade, you could even upgrade to win11 with just rufus that can get rid of the requirements like TPM.

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thanks for your reply (about brave)

about my old win 7, as already mentioned, i have other laptop with win10-11
but i want my old laptop with win 7, and i don’t want upgrade this one.
win 7 is a great OS and for many uses it is more than enough
i will use Brave to the version you suggested, and on this pc i will not do other upgrades.
and anyway win 7 It is still widely used, much more than many users may think
win 10-11 . They don’t work better than win 7. It’s just a matter of marketing and business to sell new pc and new components.
a greetings

no bro, your version 1.48.164 not work on win 7 (just tested)

my last working version is (for me) v1.48.152


Since version 110, Chromium is not available on Windows 7 and 8.1
For help, version 109 works fine. The last stable version for them is 109.0.5414.120

so, latest working for win7 is v1.48.152 (based on Chromium 109.0.5414.119)

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