Laptop with Windows: Brave won't open

Suddenly and out of the blue yesterday, I could not open Brave. It kind of opens but only when you hover over the icon in the Taskbar. IE: It shows a video I was watching on YT. It even plays the video and I can hear and see it in ‘mini form’. However, it does not respond when I right click there and click the option to ‘maximise’. It does nothing. Any ideas? Thanks. (I’ve re-booted several times, no difference). Also, other browsers work just fine. I want my Brave back! (Pray)

I’ve been using Brave for ages now and nothing like this has happened before.

Start brave with the CMD/Terminal using --window-position=x,y and if needed --window-size=x,y and you can even use: --start-maximized since it should start maximized when you can then drag around. Seems like it is just hiding in Narnia, so you can easily fix that.

Hi @anon57438784 - thanks… But I’m not SO tech savvy. I have the Command Prompt window open. What exactly do I need to type so that it knows I am referring to Brave?

Sorry if that’s a dumb question…

Well by default Brave is installed in Program Files when you do it with Admin rights, if that is the case, I think the path would be and what you have to input in CMD:

"C:\Program Files\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser-Nightly\Application\brave.exe" --window-position=0,0 for example, which would open on the left top corner or use any other necessary option like maximize.

You just need to find the Brave.exe and then use that path.
For example, If you have windows 11 (I think it is a win11 feature), you can also go directly to the Program files and make sure that is the path I said is the right one, so where you find brave.exe, you can just right click in an empty space of the folder where brave.exe is and you find the option “open in terminal”, which will make the terminal open the folder and you can just do a brave.exe --etc

I think the first path I said is the correct one. The thing is I don’t use admin rights to install Brave so mine gets installed in the local app data and not program files.

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