Known issue displaying large animated GIFs in Brave?

Is there a known issue with display of large animated GIFs in Brave?

Most of those in the following article are just displaying dark black rectangles.

Mac OS Mojave
Brave Release (“up to date”)

Hi @mk7z,
Looking at the article, I see the black rectangles. I also see the same behaviour with safari and chrome. I believe this is an issue with the site, and not Brave. I will investigate further - If I find a solution i’ll let you know.


Update, The site is working fine for me. Do you still have issues?

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Thanks. Yes. I am seeing the below, e.g., in three locations in the article where animated GIFs should be playing.

Under: “Tabli Basics”
Under: “Getting the Most out of Tabli”
Under: “The Tabli Popout Window”

Just dark black rectangles.

Those at the other locations in the article display normally.

@Aa-ron Thanks. By “site” would that mean the publisher’s website ( or could it have something to do with the way the developer inserted those animated GIFs into the article?

Also, in your follow-up, did you mean that you no longer saw the problem occurring?

If so, had you done something in the interim between your two replies?

The black squares is exactly what I saw at first.
I did not change anything. I left the tab open in the background and eventually the black squares where showing stuff. I closed the tab and went back (and i went back again just now), the black squares loaded into GIFS after a few seconds. Might just be an issue with the page slowly loading a lot of GIFs.
When you’re on the article, is the favicon spinning, i.e. is it still loading the page?

Might just be an issue with the page slowly loading a lot of GIFs.
When you’re on the article, is the favicon spinning, i.e. is it still loading the page?

@Aa-ron No, I was careful to watch that. Waited until the favicon was completely still, and then some.

In fact, I still haven’t closed that tab and the status is the same – just big black rectangles in those three locations in the article.

I had loaded the webpage twice. The results were slightly different on the second try compared to the first, but essentially the same.

Also checked the Mac’s ‘Activity Monitor,’ which showed no discernible demands on system resources or memory.

Can you try creating a new profile and seeing if the site/gifs loads for you?

Do you have any other browsers installed on your computer, I see you’re on mac, does safari give the same issue?

@Aa-ron OK, I’ll try that. What actually is a ‘profile’ at Brave – i.e., what does it mean exactly?

If it can affect something like the rendering of GIFs when a webpage loads, it sounds like something similar to ‘New User’ in Mac OS.

I’ve never used the Profiles feature before, so once I have a new profile, what do I do next in terms of troubleshooting?

I didn’t try any other browsers, in part because I’d noted your first post in which you said you seen the same behavior in Chrome and Safari.

Would testing in another browser provide useful information for the Brave team re this issue?


(Just tried running searches on ‘Profile’ and ‘Profiles’ – both within and outside Almost nothing turns up. Are they not explained here somewhere?)

Profiles allow you to use the same browser but have different settings in each one.
You can have one profile for work and one profile for personal. Each profile’s history, settings and extensions is individual to that profile. Or maybe you’re sharing your computer, you and someone else can both use Brave but have different settings/history.

Creating a new profile gives you a clean slate. This is useful in diagnose any problems you encounter.

Testing other browser’s would be useful. Personally, safari and chrome still don’t work (loading the page with gifs) but Brave does.

@Aa-ron Thanks for that.… Created new profile > Loaded same webpage > Same result.

The blurry image below was the same one I saw under “The Solution: Tabli” section when I originally loaded the page (i.e., back when I first posted about this).

The second time (i.e., after a page ‘reload’) that particular image appeared normally – but the other graphic elements that had previously displayed only a black screen continued to do the same.

This time, with the page loaded in the new profile, NONE of the animated GIF content displayed.

Where do/can we (or I) go from here?

Thanks again.

Article URL . . .

(Please note that I wasn’t able to include the actual URL because it contains the word “hll." Is "hll” really that naughty a word (it’s a place, after all) that one has to run to bitly in order to keep the censors happy?)

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