GIFs failing to run in Brave

Gifs are not running on this web site =>

They dont run usually till you hover over - it recognizes the hover over, since it clears the “GIF” circle, but then just sits there when it should be playing it


if you go to that page, it shows the video player, and then will play it if you hit play.

  • So are these even gifs? mp4 files? But regardless, it stopped working when it used to, and it works on Chrome, Firefox, and Brave Private Window

  • I updated to latest brave, and reboot the browser, same thing.

  • The site looks fine in Chrome and Firefox.

  • Although, it does work on this page - some of them =>

  • And it works on Windows 10 Home 64bit Brave latest version

So it looks like it’s something on those pages alone on one machine?



Thank you for your detailed report – really appreciate the effort. That said, I can’t seem to reproduce this. Am I correct in thinking that the behavior you’re expecting is that, once the site loads, all GIFs (or at least the ones in focus) play at once?

If that’s the case then I cannot reproduce – on my end, in Private window, with or without Shields, adjusting Shields settings etc, the GIFs only play when I hover over them. I also checked to see if Autoplay had any effect – which was a very likely culprit here. I assumed that having Autoplay set to Allow for the site would achieve this, but after adjusting the setting I still got the same results.

However, you’re saying that this was the default behavior prior to a couple days ago?

The way the gifs work - on this page at least - is that they load and dont move.
Then you hover over them, and they start moving. then when you leave hover, they stop.

But like I said in the original post - some GIF pages on are working, its works in a Brave private page on MAC, it’s working if you link to the SOURCE of the gif alone on its own page, and works all the time on the latest Brave on Windows.

The thing that gives me pause is the “doesn’t work in normal window, does work in Private window”

So something in Brave, in this instance, on my machine, is causing something not to run, but only in normal window page. But it’s apparently fairly isolated to me I guess?

So I guess let this one go dormant for now. I haven’t reboot my machine, that actually might solve it (who knows) . I don’t want to uninstall and re-install Brave, but that might even solve it as well.

It’s an annoying problem, but I’m sure you guys have other things on which to focus.
If I can narrow down another signature to the problem I’ll update the submission.

Not sure what is happening on your end – I get the same behavior on in a Private window as I do in a standard window. I believe that this is a decision on how to display gif content made by the website rather than in Brave.

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