Keyboard Shortcut to access Settings in Linux

I’m currently using Brave on Manjaro Linux (and have used Brave on macOS before). On macOS, you could press Cmd+, to access the Settings tab. I was wondering if this can also be implemented in Brave Linux with Ctrl+,. Currently nothing is mapped to that. Thanks.

Same for windows please

That’s a famous historical macOS shortcut; developers don’t implement it on Windows or Linux. From
Command-Comma (,) : Open preferences for the front app.

However, on Windows and Linux you can press Alt + e, or Alt + f, and then the letter of the menu item you want to click on (including Settings).

@gmacar Both of those shortcuts only lead to the menu on the righthand side, not the actual settings tab. Plus my opinion is that it’s better if something had a shortcut for something compared to not having a shortcut for something. I don’t think the operating system you are using should get in the way.

As I wrote, you get the Settings tab by pressing a letter after one of the two first shortcuts.
On macOS, you have one shortcut because this is what Apple decided (which is why the operating system “gets in the way”, to use your words). Since Windows and Linux are not managed by Apple, you have different shortcuts.