Ctrl+, to open settings on Windows like you can with OSX


I am an avid user of of Brave and have been since it’s inception but up until recently had only ever used Android, OSX and iOS. Obviously this request (or opinion?) is only desktop related because on any mobile platform you are going to be navigating through everything using taps.
(Or maybe people do sometimes use a keyboard and mouse when paired with something like Samsung DeX? But that is the only use case I can think of…)

Anyways, as most of my work and schooling has been done on OSX I have Cmnd+, to open up the settings tab engrained in my muscle memory. Would it be possible to implement this over to the Windows side as well? I don’t even mind if it is a different key at this point. The fact that in the shortcut documentation on Brave yields nothing after a Ctrl+f and searching “settings” except in the sidebar was kind of saddening because I use the settings tab frequently and like to not have to leave the keyboard–enough so that I felt the need to come and write a post about it here.

If nothing can be done, understandable. But at least I hope that this post can remind the great people developing Brave to keep continuity between OSs in mind. that way people frequently changing between can have a greater user experience and not get frustrated when things work on one side but not on the other. <3