How can i change a shortcut?

I want to change a shortcut, but i cant’t. How can i change it?

What do you mean by “Shortcut”? Can you send a screenshot of it as it will help.

For example ctrl+t opens a new tab. That is shortcut. I want to change a shortcut.

Ohh I don’t think its possible currently

Are you in the Brave Team?

No, Just a Normal Person trying to help a bunch of people.

Heyyy, why any team member doesnt reply this answer. I thought this was a community for help??

There are around 100k people and they have 1M posts.
And there are only 15 Moderators, of which only 3-5 are online… So be patient

There is no way for you to change shortcut keybindings in this way at this time. You can view a full list of shortcuts available on our Help Center:

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@ItzMeRajat was trying to help you with your issue – this is a Community website, where part of the point of it is to get help from team members as well as users. Everything he asked you was valid, he was right about the feature not being available, and he was right about how few official support staff there are for the volume of support requests we receive.

Please be respectful to other members of the Community or you will be banned.

No, this feature will not be in the next update or any time soon for that matter. If you feel strongly about it, please leave us a request in #brave-feature-requests for us to review.