Keyboard shortcut for Reader View?

I use Reader View a lot. I notice it has moved from the hamburger menu to the view menu, which I’d say is an improvement. It would be wonderful if I could access Reader View with a keyboard shortcut!

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I completely agree! it would be much more convenient

I rarely use “Reader View” so your comment alerted me to a change to Brave I’d not noticed; thanks.

Where is Brave’s “view menu” to which you refer?

In this comment @Aa-ron provides guidance to re-enable reader mode; no joy, at least not for me.

I’m aware: not every web page can be viewed using “reader mode”. As a test, I loaded a page in Firefox that displays as desired when I toggle “Reader View”. (An icon in Firefox’s unibox or F9 in Firefox conveniently do this.) No success with that page (or any other) in Brave.

In my experience, Brave reader view has improved dramatically. I used to have all sorts of similar grief with it.


Aha! I see you’re using the Mac version. Brave’s Windows version (which I’m using) doesn’t offer even an optional “Menu” Bar (though it’s been requested), hence, nothing similar. But I agree: when Brave offered a Reader Mode, I found it helpful.

Sounds like a good feature request!

Also Brave does have a speed reader that is under a flag. Please see:

SpeedReader will be able to recognise an article and enable itself. If anyone here would be willing to test it out and give feedback we would really appreciate it.

I enabled Speedreader, and as far as I can tell it does absolutely nothing. I still have to go to View>Toggle Reader Mode, and there is no perceptible difference in how fast the reader page loads.

Yikes! I’ve been using Macintosh for almost 35 years, and never realized how simple it is to create an application-specific keyboard shortcut! Done…

Also if you can enable dark mode in reader view will be good. I use it more in firefox which maintains the focus on text and Pics alone instead of white spaces. Also, to print the reader view page in dark mode in PDF format is also a better option


I just enabled and tried Speedreader on which is one of the sites on the Speedreader whitelist. Quick summary: technically, it works — no glitches — but I find the resulting page is actually more difficult to read than without Speedreader. Which may explain why some time elapsed between when Brave deprecated its reader mode when and I first noticed its absence: I rarely used the option, though the old reader mode was visually much more helpful than Speedreader.

Also worth adding: as I noted in another comment in this thread, I tried re-enabling Brave’s reader mode:

search for and enable enable-reader-mode
re-start Brave

Actually, under enable reader mode, in addition to Default and Disabled, I’m offered two other options: Enabled and Enabled available in settings. Selecting Enabled and re-starting results in no apparent changes; selecting Enabled available in settings and restarting reveals a new line in Settings | Appearance: Reader mode for web pages Offer to show articles in reader mode, when supported. That’s switched ON, but results in no change to what’s displayed.

Repeating: when it was available I used Brave’s reader mode rarely. For me, this is low-priority.