Speedreader Feedback

In Brave Browser Desktop 1.28.105, we are rolling out our latest updates to our Speedreader feature. Brave Beta and Nightly users may have already seen the Reader mode and Speedreader prompts in the address bar. A description of the feature can be found in Help Center → https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360045031392

We’re looking for additional feedback to see if websites you are viewing are being speed read properly – whether the pages are speed read correctly, not at all, or if the speed read page appears broken.

We’d also love to hear your feature requests. We’ll be adding the ability to change fonts, sizing, and switch to dark mode in future updates of Speedreader.


Brave v1.28.105

brave://settings/appearance shows no entries whatsoever. Settings shows options for “Get Started”, skips “Appearance”, and next displays options for “New Tab Page”…

I remember — in an earlier version of Brave — toggling “reader” mode to “on” and trying it on a few https://www.bbc.com/news pages for which the reader mode “worked”. In quotes because IMHO — Brave doing its thing — the native page displayed just fine. IMHO with Brave’s generic intervention, the “reader”-modified page was less-readible than unmodified. Currently (with v1.28.105) I see no option — either in “Settings” or in the omnibox — to toggle the reader mode.

Developers added such a toggle, it’s available in Beta and Nightly, shouldn’t take long until it arrives in Stable too.

You can see the design over here:

Can confirm I’m on nightly. And the speedreader toggle works superb!

I’m running V1.29.77 (Sep 3, 2021) Stable.
The option is not present. Does it still only on Beta and Nightly?