Reader Mode improvements

My eyes aren’t quite what they used to be. I know Brave has Reader Mode, but I have some suggestions for improvement.

First, is there any way to include a keyboard shortcut to turn reader mode on?

Second, is there a way to remember preferences between uses? Every time I try to use it, I have to change settings again.

This would let me get rid of one of the few extensions I use in Brave.

Thank you for your consideration!

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I read on Twitter that Brave has a method they are working on that would render pages in Reader Mode automatically if so chosen, eliminating all the other stuff that might appear on a webpage that is so often irrelevant to the article to be read.

It would strip the page while rendering as opposed to “after” rendering the page … sounds interesting. :slight_smile:

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As long as I don’t have to keep changing the font size every time a page loads, I’m in.

has such a keyboard shortcut come about yet ? remembering font-size is also nice