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[Brave needs something like the Safari or Firefox Reader featureFeature RequestsJul '18 -

Both Safari and Firefox have a feature which I use many times a day and which I sorely miss in Brave, namely a “reader” view. This feature works on most (but not all web pages) and allows the user …](Brave needs something like the Safari or Firefox Reader feature)

I also agree with this reader that this is a good feature with Apple Safari. Chrome has something similar but does not give as nice of a PDF page as Safari does.



I agree, that is gonna be a very useful option. I also use it very often and since I switched to the Brave Browser, I really missed such function.
The best way Reader View function is made in Safari, cos it has nicely font and easy setting options, also it works on many pages, where Firefox is unable to apply the reader view.
However, the advantage from the FireFox I’d lovely add to Safari’s reader view is the ability to widen or narrow the row’s width.

it also worth noticing that Reader Mode not only allows easily ready text content, but is extremely useful to read anything when the page shows a pop-up and I don’t wanna dial with clicking and navigating on the page, as only want to get it’s main content and don’t wanna distract

Currently, I just use an extension for the reader view
After testing 5-6 reader view extensions, I stuck with Mercury Reader

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It’s coming.