Keyboard shorcuts disappeared in Version 1.28.105

Since the most recent update the menu option to modify keyboard shorcuts for Brave has vanished. The only keyboard shortcuts available are app shortcuts. Is there a way to fix this?

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RE Keyboard shortcuts for extensions

Your screenshot appears to be, of:


Using a Mac (but no extensions added), screenshot:

GitHub re the feature / issue - opened December 5, 2020:

Sidenote: Brave Support page - listing of keyboard shortcuts - still intact:

Still no solution. Somebody else had the same problem. Cmd[ and Cmd] keyboard shortcuts work. They shortcuts are mapped to my Logitech mouse. They worked before on Brave and stopped working after an update.

Before the update there was the option to manually edit all shortcuts in Brave. That menu has now vanished and there isn’t a way to modify shortcut keys.


That Page “Back and Forward” problem, I have seen in Brave iOS on an iPhone — with respect to the Left Arrow.

The sweet spot - trying to tap that thing - wanders . . . and eventually, it becomes non-responsive.

I did not know there was an ability to manually edit all shortcuts in Brave; but I wonder if some Beta or Nightly thing slipped thru to the “Stable” release (and was finally caught wandering around outside the pasture).

IIRC, there was for a moment, an ability to manually edit some Extensions Shortcuts - but I never used that/them.

And, the feature/request for having [again?] manual editing of Extensions Shortcuts remains at Priority 5 (“P5”) level, according to:

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