User-Defined KB Shortcuts in Brave

Some time ago I asked here about creating user-defined keyboard ‘shortcuts’ in Brave, which I was informed weren’t then available.

It looks like since then they have become available – or at least a URL I just found in Antony Courtney’s article† in Medium about TABLI (tab manager+), modified for Brave instead of Chrome, so far seems to work: brave://extensions/shortcuts

I haven’t seen this mentioned here, so am just wondering: Is there any reason not to use that facility (e.g., unstable, etc.)?


(Re the bitlying directly above, is the word ‘h∞ll’ really off-limits here? It’s in the title of Courtney’s article – “tab h∞ll”. Couldn’t post here with it.)

Hi @mk7z,
You can edit the shortcuts for extensions only there. Yes you can change them, I’ve done it myself. Keep in mind that some shortcuts may interfere with Brave’s shortcuts or a websites shortcut. So be sure to test them before assigning them to an extension.

Oh, okay, kb customization only for extensions. Thanks.

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