Keeping the Shields Functions Without Jamming My Screen with Notices from Shields

I am confused about how to run the Brave Shields functions without the Shields constantly jamming my screen with notices of its work. I am not ever sure what the status of shields is.

Brave Browser, for me, runs on two systems:

System 1: My main personal computer. It is a 2012 MacPro 5,1 (Classic MacPro) running MacOS. I recently lost the disk drive running MacOS 10.15. I expect to reinstall that OS on my computer. At the moment, I am running MacOS 10.13. Brave keeps reminding me I cannot update it without upgrading my OS to 10.15. In Brave Settings, it looks like Shields is active, but I am not seeing the Shields icon in the address bar which usually is where I see it. I might have done something to remove it from the address bar to get it to stop popping up screens blocking what I am doing.

System 2: Samsung a09s Android phone. Here I want to run Brave without downloading it from Google.

General comments: To the extent I can, I want to avoid all contact or use of anything that comes Apple or Google.

Please accept my apology if this post is too broad or poorly defined. I am reflecting the issues I need to address.

Thank you for any time you have taken to read or consider what I am posting here.

What are you talking about? Shields doesn’t give any notifications. The most it does is show up like image on the address bar, which is passive and wouldn’t be “jamming your screen with notices.”

When I’m asking what you’re speaking about, I’m being serious (just in case you thought it was a rhetorical question or whatever). Can you share any screenshots or anything of what you’re saying is happening from Shields?

It should show at all times unless it’s blank. There are toggles to hide things like the VPN button, Rewards icon, sidebar button, etc. But there’s not any toggle to hide Shields on any of the versions of Brave. What I mean when I say “unless it’s blank” is like the address bars below:

So go get the APK? There’s been tons of discussions on that here at Brave Community, which should be found if someone took time to look for it.

Desktop changelog =

Android changelog =

Go to version you want and click on it, then it’ll take you to a page with all the APK and other assets that a person needs to install it on devices.

The jamming I am referring to is long waits for a page to load. The load seems to accelerate bybtapping the Brave shield icon, then hitting the toggle button for turning it off.

The other jam is the number of settings on the page for adjusting shields is high

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