Keeper Security Password Manager compatibility

I have seen people on here requesting this feature, but thought posting my own request would be more effective than commenting on someone else’s…

I use the Brave browser on android 100% of the time if I can help it. I also use Keeper Security for my password manager. The two don’t work together. I can’t do quick launch from the keeper app that autofills login info for a specified account’s login url. And prompt to fill out credentials when on a page with a login box does not appear.

It’s very annoying and having both those features would be the feather in the cap of Brave.


I just started trying out Brave on Android. It’s great for a lot of things, supporting autofill is mandatory though. I’ll archive Brave on Android and get back when they’re out of beta :innocent: I’ll look forward to a fork with the goal to be on F-Droid - and with autofill supported.