1Password Autofill Not Working in Brave on Android

I’m trying out Brave as a replacement for Chrome on my Pixel 4 XL and have noticed that the 1Password Autofill functionality isn’t working properly on Brave 1.17.75

The first time I loaded up Brave it showed the 1Password menu when logging in to a site, but it hasn’t appeared on any subsequent pages. I can get it to appear by toggling Autofill off and on in 1Password itself, but again, it will show up the first time I’m logging into a site and never again.

Has anyone had this problem and have an idea how I might be able to fix it? Enjoying Brave so far but I’ve got my whole life tied up in 1Password.


You’re not the only one with password programs NOT working with Brave.
I use Kaspersky Password & AV. Kaspersky is known NOT YET to be working with Brave.
Apparently Moscow is adding Brave Browser support into Kaspersky products.
Although Brave is based on Chromium (open source project, NOT Google Chrome, which is also based on Chromium), Google Chrome extensions may not may not work with Brave.


Thanks for the reply! Yeah, what’s weird is it does work sometimes, so it seems as if the support for it is there - it’s just broken. Fingers crossed this is fixed at some point.

Does Brave support Android Autofill at all? I mean the autofill function introduced with Android Oreo.
Bitwarden needs to use its legacy autofill functionality with Brave and it is very inconsistent. I’d guess 1Password and Kaspersky use similar workarounds.
Lockwise only uses the Android autofill function and does not work at all.
It seems to be a problem with Brave.
If that’s the case, adding Android autofill support would be great.

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