F-Secure Key does not seem to work with Brave for Android

Brave for Android does not seem to work with the F-Secure Key password manager. The password suggestion popup never appears despite hitting the username and password fields in web pages. For example, DuckDuckGo browser and CM Browser don’t have this issue. I can’t find any setting in Brave or Key that is causing this.

I’m running Android 8.0 and the latest Brave.

Is this a Brave issue or a Key issue? Is this a setting issue or something a user cannot change?

Currently only Lastpass is supported for Android and not any other password manager. Other password managers would be supported in future but there is no ETA on this. Its not just a Brave thing. The password manager have to add us to their list of supported browsers, so there is a mutual dependency.

Ok, thanks for the reply. My phone received the Android 9 upgrade today, and the F-Secure Key seems to be useful with the Brave browser now since the Key switches automatically to its own keyboard to auto-fill the credentials, after which the normal keyboard is switched back again. But it would be a bit better use experience with a direct support.

Support would be there in future if there are enough users using it but unfortunately nothing for now. I’l go ahead and close the thread for now. Do open a new thread with any other issues that you face