Autofill, Android and Bitwarden

Description of the issue:
On recent versions of Android (Pie and above), autofill of usernames/passwords requires the application (ie Brave) interacting with the password manager (for example BitWarden) to enable Android’s Accessibility functionality. Until this happens, there is no way for a password manager to fill in this information on a page rendered in Brave.

I believe (from reading other threads, see below) that this impacts many (if not all) password managers on Android.

Please note that this does NOT require Brave to support Extensions (the top link below I believe establishes that fact) only that Brave support’s Androids Accessibility API. This functionality works fine in other Android browsers that do not support Extensions/Plugins (ex. Firefox).

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Install Bitwarden
  2. Go to page that you have a saved username/password for
  3. Try to populate the username/password

Expected result:
Should automatically be able to populate login fields with saved information from the password manager.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.5.9 on Android 9

Mobile Device details
OnePlus 5 with Android 9.0.10

Additional Information:
This feature has been discussed in various previous posts. Some have been auto-closed, some have been closed because of incorrect information (requirement for Extensions) and others remain open but have no recent responses. See below for context:

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