Keep dashlane extension connected


I’ve replace chrome by Brave on my Ubuntu desktop PC.
As I’m using Dashlane extension, I’m prompted for my master password everytime I open Brave.
Everytime I connect I check the “Keep my account connected for 14 days” checkbox but it doesn’t seem to work.
Do you know how I can make Dashlane connection persistent ?

Thank you in advance.

Installed Dashlane, The only “Master Password” option I could see is Always require Master Password for each website. I know atleast in Bitwarden you can tell it to never ask for you Master password (not very secure)

Dashlane’s extension is pretty basic, maybe ask the Dashlane support forums?

Sorry it’s in french but “Garder ma session ouverte durant 14 jours” means “Keep my session open for 14 days”.
I’m asking here because it’s working good on Chrome. I think it’s related to cookie or something similar.

Maybe allow ‘all cookies’ in Shields?

I have the same problem, the Dashlane extension password is no longer remembered in the Brave version. In Chrome, the password is remembered.

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