Dashlane logs out after browser close

I have been using dash lane for months with the brave browser and have never had any issues. All of a sudden every time i close the brave browser dash lane logs me out and i have to constantly re-enter my main password in order to log back in which is super annoying.

Firefox and internet explorer does not present this issue.
Im on windows 10 using the latest brave browser with latest dashlane extension from the chrome store.
I’ve attempted to reset brave back to default settings, uninstall-reinstall extensions all with no luck.

Can you check and see if you have any data that’s set to be cleared “on exit” in the browser? Settings --> History --> Clear browsing data --> [On Exit]

thanks for the reply. on exit, none of the boxes are checked.

is there any way i can add a command to an .ini file to save the password and then make that file read only?

Can you actually check the Dashlane settings and see confirm that you don’t have it set to auto-logout?

the desktop application works the way it should, its just the browser extension. I dont believe there is an auto log out setting in the browser extension, there just the box which says remember password for 14 days before entering the password. If i’m wrong please correct me.

I have the same problem. extension always logged out on browser close. works fine in chrome.

Would be interesting to see whats the behaviour on Chrome? Suspect block third party cookies may be interfering at browser launch

I had the same issue,
What worked for me was going to Settings > Extensions > Details > Extension Options and then selecting “Desktop”
Hope this helps!


Oh god !
Thanks @jwantschalk that works for me :smiley:

I finally can use my brave extension correctly :star_struck:


wow that worked thank you! setting it to desktop has cleared the problem. thanks again guys

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